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The best way to get a realistic assessment of the likely penalties you are facing is by talking to an experienced criminal defense attorney, who can go over the specific facts of your case. There are a number of factors that go into determining what penalties you might receive if found guilty, including seriousness of the offense, prior record, the judge involved, and other mitigating facts.
If you’ve been arrested and charged with a crime in Pennsylvania, don’t assume that you can’t beat the charges! Almost any case can be won with a lot of skill, and a little luck. There are always defenses, and the best criminal defense lawyers will vigorously challenge every piece of evidence that the prosecutor presents. As a criminal defense lawyer, it is my job to fight for you, and hold the state to the highest possible standard before they can convict you. You are innocent until proven guilty.


If you’ve been accused of drug possession / possession of drug paraphernalia, simple assault, domestic assault, domestic violence, assault with a dangerous weapon, fraud, theft, shoplifting, disorderly conduct, harassment, indecent exposure, and more..
We fight all types of PA criminal charges, including:
• drug possession / possession of drugs
• possession of marijuana
• possession of drug paraphernalia
• possession with intent to distribute
• assault / simple assault /aggravated assault
• domestic violence
• Violation of a Protection from Abuse Order (PFA)
• criminal mischief
• fraud
• retail theft /shoplifting
• theft / theft by deception
• DUI license suspension
• disorderly conduct
• harassment
• stalking
• terroristic threats
• burglary
• robbery
• trespassing
• indecent exposure
• speeding
• reckless driving / careless driving
• reckless endangering / endangerment
• risking catastrophe
• operating on suspended license
and many other charges.
We can also help with criminal record expungement.


“ Carosella & Associates were recommended to me and our expectations were met with outstanding, professional & friendly service. All of our questions were satisfactorily answered and with recommendations that we never aware of, were gladly accepted. ”


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