Bankruptcy Lawyers

Bankruptcy Lawyers who Understand What You are Going Through.

The local bankruptcy lawyers at Carosella & Associates know realize that tough financial times and a deteriorating economic climate have made things difficult for everyone. Are creditors harassing you to pay bills that you cannot afford? Did you or your spouse recently lose your job and the bills are piling up?

Carosella & Associates, bankruptcy attorney, bankruptcy lawyer, affordable local bankruptcy law firm in West Chester serving Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester CountyWhat if someone could waive a magic wand and make the bills either go away or become more manageable, stop the annoying and harassing calls and letters from bill collectors, put an end to bank garnishments and wage deductions, or immediately put a halt to foreclosure proceedings or other lawsuits.  You probably would jump at that chance.  That is what bankruptcy does.  It allows a “do over” for most people.  It relieves the stress of not knowing how you’re going to buy groceries, or put gas in the car, or pay the mortgage.  No more feeling like the rug is about to be pulled out from under you.  It puts your economic situation back on solid ground.

But even more important than eliminating the debt is making sure that you do not put yourself in this position again.  Our skilled bankruptcy attorneys provide you with the best means and opportunities to keep you on track and keep you on track.  Beginning with credit counseling before filing a bankruptcy case, and providing for additional counseling on budgeting and debt management, we’re with you every step of the way.

People ask us all the time about “debt consolidation” and how it is better than bankruptcy?  What’s typically left out is that they are usually done as a loan which requires paying additional interest.  Moreover, if you have a house, you are ordinarily required to use your house as collateral. This means that an additional lien is placed upon your house, which you may not be able to get released later. Other times people seek out “credit counseling”.  The problem with credit counseling is that a credit counselor cannot give you legal advice.

You can be confident in knowing the skilled bankruptcy lawyers at Carosella & Associates will bring the best resources to Help you!

There are many options available to help you.  A bankruptcy can be filed many different ways and for a variety of purposes.  Our bankruptcy law firm has an efficient and effective secured electronic system through the bankruptcy court that allows us to file your case. This insures that when we file your bankruptcy, the information will be accurate and reliable.  Our attorneys go through a thorough investigation of your situation to determine whether to file under Chapter 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, or 15.

Most individuals file under either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. The difference is under a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your bills will be canceled and you will no longer have to pay them.   Under a Chapter 13 however, you are able to continue to pay some or all of your bills, especially mortgages and car loans.  You must submit a payment plan to the bankruptcy court. At the end of the payment plan, if there are any unpaid bills, you are ordinarily released from paying any additional amounts on those bills.  Regardless which bankruptcy you file, in most instances you will not lose any of your possessions in a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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