12 Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney

Divorce is sometimes an arduous and painful process that can have a significant impact on individuals and families. Each state has different procedures you and your attorney must follow to file for divorce, so it is essential to engage the counsel of an experienced divorce attorney who is familiar with current family law, rules and cases that may apply to your divorce.


12 questions to ask a divorce attorney, Carosella & Associates

Questions to Ask at Your First Consultation with a Divorce Attorney

Asking questions and gaining knowledge of necessary procedures can help to ease the complicated financial and emotional burdens divorce can present, and prepare you for what lies ahead. This list of questions regarding issues related to divorce can help you learn the vital information you may need to understand what may be involved in your case.


1. Qualifications: Is divorce your specialty? How long have you been practicing family law?  How many cases have you handled?  Have you ever handled a case similar to mine?


2. Strategy & Duration of Time: What is your strategy for my case? How long do you think it will take will it take to come to a resolution?


3. Availability: Are you readily available to take phone calls in case of an emergency? What do you consider to be an emergency?


4. Individuals Involved in Your Case: Will any other lawyers be working on my case? What is their experience? Can I meet them ahead of time?


5. Fee Structure: What is your fee structure? Will you be charging an hourly rate or a fixed fee? What is your hourly rate?  What do you require for a retainer? What is the rate for the time I spend with other legal professionals in your office? Will I be charged for phone calls?


6. Additional Costs: What additional costs may be involved if you need to hire private investigators, forensic accountants, or psychologists, etc.?


7. Keeping Costs Down: How can I keep the cost of my divorce down? Are there any tasks that I can do myself  to save money?


8. Potential Outcomes: Based on what you know about my case, what do you think the best possible outcome could be? The worst?


9. Splitting Assets & Alimony: What are the legalities of splitting marital assets is in my state? Am I entitled to alimony or will I have to pay?


10. Tax Implications: What will be the tax implications of my financial decisions regarding the divorce?


11. Custody & Child Support: If children are involved, what do I need to do to increase my chances of gaining custody? What are your recommendations for how custody should be split (or not)? How much child support can expect to get or will I have to pay?


12. Alternatives to Court Proceedings: Will you allow me to negotiate directly with my spouse? Would you recommend trying mediation or arbitration before going to trial?


Engaging the services of seasoned divorce attorneys who will fight to protect your interests can help to make going through a divorce easier. Our legal team in West Chester, Chester County, and Media, Delaware County will guide you through the process step-by-step and help you understand the ins and outs of divorce procedure.