5 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Attorney for a Felony Charge

Being convicted of a felony charge can have a devastating impact on your life and the lives of your loved ones. Seeking the counsel of experienced criminal defense lawyers can save time, money and even your freedom in the long run. If you have been charged with a crime, these five reasons for hiring an attorney are important to keep in mind.

1. The Law is Complex

Navigating the law by yourself can be a convoluted, confusing and often frustrating process. Knowledgeable attorneys never stop learning. Whether they are lawyers for real estate or their focus is in criminal law, good attorneys spend years of practicing, learning and staying current in their understanding of the law.

2. Proper Procedure is Critical

Felony cases involve a lot of paperwork that must be filed according to strict procedures. Missing a deadline or filing a motion incorrectly can set you back months and jeopardize your chances for achieving a positive outcome in your case. An attorney who understands the ins and outs of the law is well aware of filing deadlines and how to file paperwork with clerks or the court. Following proper procedure can also mean the difference between awaiting trial at home instead of in jail.

3. A Criminal Lawyer Can Help You Avoid a Trial

The vast majority of criminal charges are settled pretrial. A criminal defense attorney may negotiate a plea bargain to get charges and penalties reduced. Your lawyer may even be able to get your case dismissed depending on the evidence that is uncovered about the circumstances of the alleged crime. Getting a felony charge reduced to a lesser charge is significant because certain misdemeanor convictions may be eligible for expungement down the road. However, a felony conviction cannot be removed from your criminal record without a pardon from the Governor.

4. Defense Attorneys Know how to Poke Holes in the Prosecution’s Argument

A person who is not familiar with criminal law may not realize that there are often legal loopholes and weak points in the prosecution’s case.  An experienced attorney can better recognize the weak point in the prosecution’s argument. Human error and the proper handling of evidence are of huge concern in a criminal trial. A good criminal defense team has the resources to comb through all evidence filed. If any inconsistencies are found, your attorney will definitely bring them up in front of a judge or jury. Your lawyer will also know how to ask the right questions when someone is on the witness stand. Seasoned attorneys are well-versed in using effective strategies to debunk or discredit a witness’s story, which may sway a judge and jury to look at your case in a different light.

5. Law Firms have Access to Resources and Connections

Chester County felony lawyers have all types of tools at their disposal, including private investigators, professionals who specialize in accident and crime scene reconstruction, industry experts and other resources that can lend credibility to your defense. The cost of hiring these professionals yourself can be astronomical, and finding them can be nearly impossible on your own. Many defense attorneys are former prosecutors and not only have a deep understanding of how the system works, but have longstanding relationships with judges, prosecutors, legal clerks and law enforcement that can help you come to a better resolution more quickly, which ultimately saves you time, money and may lead to a reduced sentence or dismissal.

Having access to professional legal advice is invaluable and can save you and your family a lot of stress, worry and confusion. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys at Carosella & Associates advise you on the best course of action and work tirelessly to protect your rights and represent your interests. If you’ve been charged with a felony involving your business practices, our business liability lawyers work closely with our criminal attorneys to develop the best defense possible.