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Chester County Lawyers, Legal help for businesses in Chester County, CarosellaProtecting and helping your small business grow can be vital when it comes to its future prosperity. Whether you need a simple contract or are considering a complicated merger, Carosella & Associates’ experienced and knowledgeable attorneys can help your business thrive.

Business Lawyers

We have decades of experience in assisting business clients with a multitude of legal issues. If you plan to retire, sell or pass your small business on to your family, our attorneys can also help you create a business succession plan that will protect your interests and help to make your exit plan successful.

Business Entity Formation

The structure of an organization can have long-term consequences throughout the life of the business. Personal liability, company liability, tax implications and future management decisions such as succession or dissolution will vary depending on the type of entity you choose.

Our qualified attorneys can help you determine which type of entity formation will best fit your needs.  After your business entity is formed and registered we can also assist with the drafting of bylaws, stockholder agreements and other common business agreements. Our business attorneys can help with the formation of:

  • S corporations
  • Joint ventures
  • Limited liability companies
  • Nonprofit corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Professional corporations
  • C corporations
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Intellectual Property Protection

Depending on the type of business, protecting your intellectual property rights often play a vital role in the success of an organization. Our lawyers have extensive experience in drafting license and royalty agreements, trademark and copyright registration, and the sale and transfer of intellectual property.


Our business attorneys are well-versed in bankruptcy law and the types of bankruptcy that are out there. We can help you understand and determine whether bankruptcy may be your best option.

Real Estate

The purchase, sale, development and leasing of real estate  can affect your bottom line in many ways. Our experienced attorneys can help to facilitate a smooth transaction and ensure that the interests of the buyer, seller, lessor, and/or lessee are protected.

Litigation Avoidance

One of the most important elements of business planning is to incorporate litigation avoidance strategies that can stop problems before they start. Our creative and experienced team of business lawyers will work hard to negotiate and settle disputes before they become court cases.

Contracts Lawyers

Contracts have formed the legal basis of business transactions for centuries. Our qualified and knowledgeable contracts lawyers can negotiate and draft enforceable contracts that appropriately cover all aspects of your transaction.

The types of contracts our attorneys may draft include:

• intellectual property licensing agreements

• buying or selling shares in corporations

• buying or selling a business or corporation

• loan and financing agreements

• real estate sale, purchase and investment agreements

• letters of intent

• non-compete agreements

• separation/severance and release agreements


Whether you are a plaintiff or defendant, if a business deal goes south our skilled attorneys can negotiate a fair termination of the agreement to ensure your interests are well protected.


 If you are in need of legal services for your business, please contact one of our convenient locations in West Chester, Delaware County or Montgomery Country for a complimentary half-hour consultation.