Business Lawyers

West Chester Business Lawyers offer legal assistance to business owners from incorporation to dissolution and everything in between

Our business lawyers have decades of experience in assisting business clients in prospering while protecting them from unnecessary risk. That assistance includes everything from business entity formation to dissolution. We have particular experience in mergers and acquisitions, including asset purchase and sale, and stock purchase and sale, together with creating a viable succession plan for the businesses.

Business Lawyers
We can assist in a formation of a limited liability company, a corporation, non-profit corporation, a professional corporation, a partnership, a joint venture, and a sole proprietorship. It is our policy to help a business client put extra thought into business creation. The structure chosen for a business in the beginning will determine important issues and have far reaching consequences throughout the life of the business. Those consequences include issues of taxation, personal liability, company liability, and future decisions regarding management, corporate control, succession, and business dissolution.
Our firm has extensive experience in advising clients on entity formation, and we prepare and file the necessary documents so that the business may begin operations in the areas of:

  • S corporations
  • Joint ventures
  • Limited liability companies
  • Nonprofit corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Professional corporations
  • C corporations
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Types of Business Entities: Watch Attorney Vince Carosella
Jr. Share Key Information for New Business Owners

Once formed, every business entity needs assistance with drafting of by-laws, stockholders agreements, operating agreements, and, if more than one member, shareholder, or partner, buy-sell arrangements.

Depending on the type of business, protecting the intellectual property rights of the business can have much intrinsic value. Our lawyers have significant experience in drafting license and royalty agreements, trademark and copyright registration, and the sale and transfer of intellectual property.

Protecting Personal Assets When you Own a Business: Watch Attorney Vince Carosella Share Important Risk Mitigation Strategies for Business Owners

One of the most important services we provide our business clients is to help them incorporate litigation avoidance strategies into their business planning. Regardless of an organization’s size or prominence, legal problems affecting financial status and reputation require practical solutions. Our business lawyers view our clients’ legal problems as business problems, and work creatively and quickly to solve them. We can create and provide the Business Client with a Customized Business Litigation Plan that includes: a Case Budget; a Litigation Plan; a Discovery Plan; a List of Alternative Options; and an Estimate of Time, Costs and Options at every stage of the matter.

The business lawyers at Carosella & Associates, P.C. have successfully negotiated settlements and resolutions for companies and businesses in thousands of matters.

Let an experienced business attorney protect your rights. Disagreements and disputes arise in a variety of ways. Many are resolved informally.  It is our objective to put together a negotiation team with enough talent and experience to evaluate the matter and attempt to solve the problems before the dispute becomes a court case.
Most cases that are filed in a court of law are settled without the necessity and expense of a bench (judge-only) or jury trial. Our corporate business attorneys use every opportunity and process available to the Client in a good-faith effort to resolve the case or claim. For those matters not easily resolved through facilitation, compromise or negotiation, it is crucial to retain counsel that is aggressive, effective and experienced.  Our lawyers know the law; we investigate the facts and do our homework; and we know our way inside the labyrinth of state agencies, municipalities and courtrooms, whether the matter is in a local, state or federal forum.  We file cases and complaints, respond to lawsuits and prosecute appeals as necessary and appropriate for the particular situation.

If your existing or start-up business needs any legal assistance, know that you can trust and call with confidence Carosella & Associates, your team of  experienced business Lawyers.