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Business Succession Planning Attorney
Protect your investment with guidance from an attorney who understands Business Succession Planning

A business succession planning attorney can help tremendously during the early phase of planning for the establishment of a business so that the business owners’ desires, plans, and future goals may be understood. During such counseling, it is also important to consider the long-range business plan and to take into consideration future events such as management transfer or the possibility of the next generation continuing to operate the small business. All of these concerns and questions can be addressed during a consultation with a business attorney. All parties who have a potential interest in the ownership of the business are welcome to attend so that the future of the business may continue to be successful.

Having been in existence in West Chester, PA for over 20 years, our law firm has acquired extensive knowledge as to the specific needs of family owned businesses. It is our goal to assist in the succession planning for small business owners in start-up situations with an eye to providing continued legal counsel in the future.

Our Law firm has vast experience in devising business succession planning strategies for small businesses.

Our background experience in creating business succession plans includes a variety of types of businesses including, advertising firms, construction firms, HVAC companies, shopping centers, restaurants, and retail stores, all of which have continued to prosper. With firsthand experience as a small business that remains successful, we are always eager to encourage families and newcomers to plan for their futures by working on their small business succession planning now.

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There are often circumstances which may not occur to an individual who is contemplating the formation of a new business. It is very important to be able to turn to a close friend or family member in the event of an unforeseen situation by which an alternate leader may need to take over either temporarily or permanently. In the event an alternate leader is already being considered, it is necessary to ascertain whether that individual would need additional legal counsel in order to propagate the business.

Your goal may possibly be to develop a business and build it to such a level of success that sale of the entity itself for a profit may be your ultimate plan. It has been our experience to assist many clients with the sale of their existing businesses. Determining whether the timing is right in order to best market a business is critical in making the decision whether or not sell. Our experience includes drafting the necessary transfer documents such as agreements, notes, and corporate resolutions. This group of documents and, based the type of conveyance, additional ones are all within our capacity and have been created numerous times by our law firm throughout the years so as to service our business clients.

Contemplating the notion of self-employment and becoming a business owner can definitely be a life-altering decision, and our firm is experienced and equipped to minimize your apprehension. We welcome anyone who is considering establishing a succession plan for their business to consult with our firm before making such a decision. Contact our West Chester, PA, law firm to schedule a free initial consultation about your business succession planning needs.