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Our contracts lawyers have decades of experience in writing all types of contracts.

Contract Lawyers helping business owners in their deal

For centuries, contracts have formed the legal basis of almost all business transactions. When business contracts are properly drafted and perform as intended, they allow each party to the contract to reap mutual benefits. However, an improperly drafted contract, when it fails, can create costly conflicts that may take months or years to finally resolve. Experienced and skilled contracts lawyers can provide the support that’s needed to prevent a faulty business transaction from having a lasting impact on a person’s life or leading to bankruptcy.

Among the types of contracts that our attorneys have successfully negotiated and written include:

• intellectual property licensing agreements for matters including the licensing of trademarks, operating systems, software, and graphic design
• purchasing and selling products between companies and individuals, including the purchase and sale of heavy machinery and industrial equipment, as well as the drafting of contracts for sales persons and manufacturer representatives
• buying or selling shares in corporations ranging from closely held corporations to larger corporations having more than one class of stock or shares
• buying or selling a business or corporation including business in the health care field, professional firms, insurance agencies, restaurants, shopping centers and franchises
• loan and financing agreements including negotiation of personal guaranties and review and revision of lenders’ loan documents
• real estate investment agreements including the formation and use limited liability companies and various types of corporations
• letters of intent and proposals, in order to focus the thinking of the parties prior to the actual drafting of a definitive agreement
• construction contracts including the review of residential and commercial construction contracts and a representations of builders in the drafting of construction contracts
• real estate purchase and sale agreements including the review of title reports and title insurance commitments and conducting closing
• non-compete agreements to help business owners in not losing hard won clients by drafting reasonable non-solicitation agreements
• separation/severance and release agreements including the review and negotiation of those agreements from both the employee side and from the employer side

To be legally enforceable, a contract must have an understanding between the parties, an offer and acceptance, a mutual thing of value exchanged, performance, and no violation of public policy. Often, DO-IT-YOURSELFERS miss one or more of those key elements, rendering the contract unenforceable. A careful contract review by an attorney can help reveal these elements. An unenforceable contract will put the parties at the mercy of the courts.
Our contract attorneys know the required legal terms to help the contract be enforceable. When the business transaction does not go as planned, a properly drafted contract will provide a judge with the legal tools to determine the best way to enforce the contract.

In the alternative, sometimes a person or a business may find it necessary to get out of a contract for example in case of a non-compete agreement. Our business contract attorneys are experienced and skilled negotiators and can assist in negotiating a fair and proper termination between the involved parties.

Our contracts lawyers have practiced contract law in courts ranging from the District Court level to the highest state appellate courts.

When that business transaction sours, we have extensive experience in representing both plaintiffs and defendants in breach of contract lawsuits. Since we have a staff of very experienced contract litigation attorneys, when you hire our firm, you will have a team of contract law attorneys working to resolve your claim looking at it from various areas of experience. We also have experience in taking your case on appeal if necessary.

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