Michael J. Reed

Michael J. Reed

Position: Staff Attorney
Practice Area: Criminal Law, Family Law, and General Litigation
Telephone: 610-431-3300





Areas of practice

1. Family law
a. Divorce
b. Child custody
c. Child support
d. Grandparents rights
e. UCCJEA (uniform child custody jurisdiction and enforcement act)
f. Property settlement/equitable distribution
g. Alimony, support & alimony pendente lite
h. Paternity
i. Custody & divorce conciliation/Master hearings/trial
j. Stipulations
k. Pre & post nuptial agreements
l. PFA

2. Criminal law
a. Summary, misdemeanor, felony charges
b. DUI
c. Weapons
d. Aggravated Assault or Simple Assault
e. Terroristic Threats, Stalking, or Harassment
f. Drug Offenses (Possession/Manufacturing/Distribution)
g. Burglary, Robbery, Theft, Forgery, or Bad Checks
h. Probation and Parole Hearings
i. Pardons
j. Underage Drinking
k. Public Intoxication
l. Expungements
m. Traffic Violations
n. Speeding Tickets

3. Civil Litigation
a. Contract Enforcement/Breach of Contract
b. Name change Petitions
c. Negligence
d. Conversion
e. Fraud
f. Unjust Enrichment/Quantum Meruit
g. Misrepresentation
h. Collections
i. Landlord/tenant
j. 1983/Civil rights actions

Bar Admissions:
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit