Real Estate Lawyers

Our Experienced Real Estate Lawyers represent an excellent investment in protecting individual or business real estate investment

Real Estate Lawyers helping a coup,e with their property sale.

We can help provide legal support during the For Sale by Owner property transactions

Whether an individual or business is involved in a purchase and sale, a loan transaction, or a lease, our real estate attorneys can prepare and review all of the necessary documents to make sure that your interests are protected.


For many individuals, residential real estate represents their biggest lifetime investments. For business and corporations, the purchasing and leasing of real estate is an expensive and major investment and has a major effect on taxation and the bottom line in general. Whether an individual or business is buying, selling, investing or leasing, and whether the real estate is for home, place of business, development property, or an investment, a smooth transaction in which the buyer and the seller are protected is of paramount importance.

Our real estate law attorneys also have extensive experience in helping with real estate disputes, boundary disputes and resolving problems with chain of title. With respect to landlords, we can assist with problems with tenants and with eviction. With respect to tenants we can assist in making sure that their legal rights are upheld.

Often overlooked, title issues can have far reaching effects when buying a property. Our experienced lawyers for real estate can assist in making sure that real property being purchased is not effected by the claims of prior owners, lenders, tenants, and neighbors. An error or omission in the chain of title could leave a buyer with an unmarketable piece of property or prevent the buyer from using the property in the way that the buyer planned.

Our real estate lawyers provide legal services for almost every conceivable type of real estate matter.

Our clients include everyone from the first-time home-buyer to the sophisticated real estate developer. The firm has handled thousands of residential real estate  as well as commercial real estate transactions.

Carosella & Associates, P.C., have been providing assistance to purchasers (home buyers, real estate investors, and commercial buyers), sellers (residential, land, and commercial sales), lending institutions (banks, mortgage brokers, private financing companies), and real estate personnel (real estate brokers, real estate agents, and real estate companies) throughout Eastern Pennsylvania.

If you need a real estate attorney in Eastern Pennsylvania or anywhere else, contact Carosella & Associates, P.C. We want to make your real estate transaction as smooth as possible.

Our Real Estate Services

Our real estate services include explanations, advice, and assistance with virtually ever aspect of a real estate transaction, including the following:
• Real estate development– including zoning issues, purchasing, procuring financing lending or financial advice, sale or lease, and preparation of closing documents.
• Real estate closings– including representing purchasers and sellers of a residential home, for sale by owner, second home (vacation home or cottage), investment property, condominium (condo), town home, new construction, or vacant land;
• Leases– including negotiating and drafting a commercial lease or a residential lease.
• Landlord – Tenant issues – that are limited to lease negotiation and drafting, and evictions involving landlords or commercial tenants.
• Home Owners Associations or Condominium Associations
• Zoning and Subdivisions
• Easements and Other Land Use Matters

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